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With our high-quality video production services, you can grow your brand into the next dimension!

We create high-quality videos that communicate your message, impact the world and grow your business.

Grow your brand with our custom videos that will make you stand out from the rest.

The goal for your video is to resonate with viewers, convey an idea or message in as creative a way possible and most importantly – make you look good while doing it!

The Process: How We Work

When you come to us with a brand that needs help in the , what we do is take your vision and make it sing. Our process starts by breaking down all of our client’s expectations into manageable pieces so they can be translated effectively across different mediums (we’re experts at this!). With these goals established as guidelines for development; once locked away within ourselves- brainstorming begins! There should never feel like work -it’

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The team at AnEmotion Studio is committed to providing high-quality video production services that will meet your needs. We offer a wide range of products and services, including: animated videos, explainer video, promotional purposes, Product demos videos with professional voice-over.

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An estimate for the length of time your project will require depends on what type video you’re looking to create. A whiteboard, 2D or 3d? Each one takes about three weeks with slightly different timelines based off those variables.
Through the use of modern technology, we can create an explainer video no matter where you are located. Whether it’s Earth or not! As long as your accessible through phone calls/ emails etc., then our team will get right onto creating one for your needs and deliver on time too without any issues.
At each stage in our video creation process, we provide you with 2 iterations – one to get the idea off your chest and another for when it’s polished as hell!
2D animated videos can be further divided into object based or character-based. You’ll find more information on our service page if the type of video strikes your fancy!
Our talented team will help you create a video from scratch. We’ll work with your marketing objectives and brainstorm multiple approaches for the perfect story, then confirm one of them before moving onto concept development where we come up with an interesting script that is tailored just right to match your needs!
The following are the final deliverables: A high-quality YouTube thumbnail image so you can use it as an animated background for your explainer videos. The video itself in either MP4 or MOV format with 1080p resolution (or more), which will allow viewers on different devices to appreciate its quality clearly without any compression artifacts appearing during viewing sessions; this means better clarity than what they would get if compressed at lower levels like 480p/SD where often times such images become pixelated because of Lines Running Purposelessly Through Them!

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